Your portrait = Your investment.

If you take your portraits seriously, it's time to get them off of your phone and framed somewhere that counts! 

Who Am I?

My name is Matthew Banks, and I specialize in posed headshots and stylized portraits using natural light and flash photography. I work with professional entertainers, actors, models, and marketing agencies in Southern California to create charming vintage art portraits. To get in touch, please schedule a 30 minute call.

Matthew Banks

Schedule a 30 minute call with Matthew Banks


Portraits By Banks:

- Behind Every Portrait-

A portrait is more than a snapshot; it is a work of art. Each portrait distills the essence of its subject. The photographer conducts a symphony harnessing light particles, distinguishing lines, and forming shapes to justify your interpretation. The artisan refines the negatives. With each pass, the artist removes things that complicate and obscure your likeness. The result is a portrait of you.

Your portrait is an investment. That investment is a combination of life experiences, artistic process, medium, and rarity that determine its value.


A harmony is the union of several elements to form a distinct expression. Portrait photography bonds intent and spontaneity in pursuit of its expression. The commissioner and the artist have concessions to scope and frame the artwork. They discuss the minutiae of wardrobe, time, place, and other. On photo session day, the photographer minds every detail. With tool in hand, the photographer begins the execution phase of the artistic process.

The Process

The artistic process is a series of steps the photographer relies upon to perform. Like a bee attending to its hive, the photographer’s innate skills and experiences tell beyond the principles of photography. The portrait photographer is more than a technician using a tool within its limitations. The portrait photographer is an expert in the craft of human emotion; an empath who can nourish excellence. And like the bee, the photographer is meticulous in its process.

The Print

The expert printer enlarges the portrait on a medium which affects its appraisal, stay ability, and final execution. Mediums range from archival paper, canvas, metal, and wood. Its frame, final placement, and size are all predetermined by the commissioner.


-Booking Rates-

Note: A $150 retainer is required to secure booking.

Contact Matthew Banks:

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